Today the world has changed for sure. If you are running an online business and feel depressed don’t be. Many companies have been born in down times or even grew big time in down times its all about finding the next path forward

You can be one of those companies right now by buying that new URL and  finding time to learn all there is to learn about Blogging , New Media and the new Social landscape that has emerged. Then put your best foot forward even if that means working all day for the man then home to work for your brand.

Get knowledge about social networking and Net Neutrality. If you haven’t started using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social hangouts, This is great because you don’t have any bad social media habits so its easy to learn from scratch. So don’t be intimated.

Your online business campaign should be using all these new tools,Blogging, internet radio, video, audio across social sites and platforms, most are free of charge and offer sold solutions for todays world. Put in enough hard work it will all pay off in the end.  Put out killer rich content over and over don”t give up. Do what you love and it will all make sense.

Citizen Journalism is the journalism made by members of the public engaged in telling, sharing and interacting with stories that have any interest or value for a community.

Citizen Journalism can also be considered as the journalism made for those who don’t have a formal education as a journalist.

What makes a journalist is not only the eyes and abilities to realize when information has common interest and must become news.

What makes a journalist is also the energy and the discipline to going out there, collect, compare and produce content in the form of video, text, image or audio. Just like your business you need to be a journalist about your brands, products, events and ideas.

If you feel you need help learning or just getting Bloggers School to Implement content creation, blog building and customization on your companies behalf contact us and we will get back to you ASAP to get you set up and moving.