How do I blog? What should I blog About? Why Should I Blog?

Blogs got started as unpretentiously, simple online diaries, and became one of the easiest, faster and funniest way to make money. Why? Because it is all about you! You can choose the topic, and the post, pick the pictures and a template. You are the writer, the publisher, the editor, the audience, all the same time.

People who blog for money naturally blog differently then the ones who blog only for the need of putting their ideas out. Who are being more successful? That is a tricky question.

My experience shows me that the ones who blog for passion, even if they don’t know a lot about blog tools and Social Media, are definitely generating a lot of traffic. They are producing content, posting and sharing information, and people are finding them.

The other group, the ones who blog for money (traffic, comments, sales) are genuine bloggers as well, but their strong entrepreneur veins always guide them for the newest trends on the Blogosphere. Maybe they lose a lot of time surfing online and comparing their  blogs and content. However, they are for sure very well prepared and capable people, no matter what their niches are.

What I truly believe is that everybody is going to make money in the world, as long as you are relevant, adaptable and findable.

I think, therefore I am. I am thinking, so I exist.

René Descartes said that in the 17th century, and it never was more truth. Now it is actually even easier, since it is no longer about talking to the whole world, but with just the ones who care about what you have to say


The Thinker, by Rodin