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If I Blog What Do I Write About?

Well what are you good at you want to find that and roll with it. Remember you are what this blog is these are your opinion’s and you start the conversation any way you like you are in control. The important thing is that you know what you are talking about because you need to be trusted in order to have an active audience. So always tell it like it is don’t sugar coat it people are looking for truth, bring that and the rest is automatic. Most of all have fun enjoy what you are doing life is short...

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Looking For social Media Classes In NYC Bloggers School Has You Covered

Social Media is one of the most current trending topics, not only when it comes to technology, news and journalism. It is also used for business, acquiring Blogging and Online Marketing skills and is basically a must for any professional, entrepreneur or student. Bloggers School, an educational source for Social Media and Web 2.0 technologies, offers on regular basis, live classes in New York City and online classes in English and Portuguese for students all over the world. Whether you are a PR or advertising professional, looking to learn more about Social Media Marketing or a business owner interested...

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What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

What exactly is a blog and what is the difference between it, a site and a landing page? Every single blog is a site, but not every website is a blog. A website is something static, so you can think of it as your brochure. A blog is an interactive site built on an open source platform such as WordPress, with space for comments, videos and relevant information. Your blog is actually your own news channel, that will make your brand and business more visible through search engines by providing useful content. On a blog, the user can not...

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