How Bloggers School works?
In our first meeting we will be discussing a Social Media Strategy, buying your domain names and hosting your site, if you still don’t have it done. The amount that will be spent on buying and hosting those domains it is not included in our services.

Your WordPress website will include:
Up to 6 different pages
1 Blog page
2 different tracking visitors’ tools
Your YouTube account set up with one original edited video uploaded
Your Twitter account set up
Your business submitted to Google Business Center
The training is composed of a 6 hour instruction. Our goal is to teach you how to create a digital footprint and manage an online presence for you and your company (up to 4 people).
Our services also include…
Regular Posts – Using your expertise about your topic we record, write, and post articles about your business. We also tag, keyword and tweet your content, so it can be findable for users through search engine and social networks
Video Posts – We shoot, edit, keyword, publish your video on YouTube and on your blog. We help you to create a how-to series or an online show, so you can entertain, educate and engage your audience.
You don’t have enough time to manage your business and also blog about it? So let us give you a hand!


We can…
Update your blog
Manage your Tweets
Create video for YouTube
Manage and create quality content for your Facebook page
Moderate discussions on Social Networks
Provide you weekly analytics reports, so you can track and understand your audience better