If you are trying to become a Social Media Manager, improve your skills or hire someone to do that job, this class is for you!

Are you a business owner, PR professional or Marketing manager in need of getting your Social Media & Online Marketing Strategy in place? Then you are well aware that Blogs and Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and several others can open doors for you, your business and your ideas, making them more accessible to your potential clients and audience.
Understanding what Social Media is and what kind of actions you should take can put you and your brand on the top of your game.¬†This class will help you to figure out how the power of technology and the transition between Mainstream Media and New Media has been affecting your business. Attendees will also learn how you can advertise your business, spending less money for a bigger target audience. Bloggers Company’s tutor will guide you to develop the Social Media Strategy appropriated for your personality and business, besides teaching you how to use several Social Media tools to do Market Research to better understand your audience.


This session is strongly recommended for individuals working on corporate Social Media campaigns and implementing a Social Media Plans for business. A good part of our lesson is going to be dedicated to questions and answers on how to apply Social Media for business and in corporate environments, so bring your questions!

Bloggers School will be covering
Facebook: Personal Profile vs. Like Page: How to engage yourself and your business
Twitter: understanding the search and how to use the results to engage as a business or person
YouTube: optimize your channel to show up on Google
Blogging: How-to create killer content through blog posts or even joining discussions to create leads or bring your clients closer to your brand
Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization): a few things you must know when it comes to creating a home for your business online
We will also be discussing
How to advertise your business spending less money for a more target audience
How to figure out what Social Media Strategy is appropriated for your personality and business
Using Social Media free tools to do Market Research and understand your audience
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