Bloggers School is an educational source for Social Media and Web 2.0 technologies. Bloggers School’s aim is to educate entrepreneurs, traditional publicists, and business owners on marketing themselves online with strategies enhancing search engine rankings and Inbound Marketing.


We teach our clients from basics to advanced concepts of Blogging and Social Media with end results on better communicating with their target audience through new and current Web 2.0 marketing methods while enhancing their brand recognition through the updated online trends.


Our management team currently has a combined library of over 20 blogs in various topics, including, but not limited to, sports, news, commentary, adult content, and online radio. Our team’s expertise comes solely from real-world experience that we convey to our students.


Created By John A Ciampa is a professional Blogger, Citizen Journalist, marketing person and Eagle Scout. He is actually the perfect example of the American entrepreneur and inventor. John was a truck driver by trade who found his way out through Blogs and New Media. He was in the news as a spokesperson for a spray company, when he first learned about the Internet and got fascinated with the possibility of learning online, coaching himself and becoming the CEO  of his own company Bloggers School. John owns more than 15 blogs about subjects like snowboarding, hunting, commercial drivers training etc. Bloggers School was at the first Blogging expos learning and implementing the latest blogging and social media trends.  John loves to help others and add more value then others in his industry.

Most business are now facing a world of changes. Nowadays, things are different! You can’t ignore the power of the technology, computers, cell phones and how search engines like Google have changed the game and created a new kind of competition.

Bloggers School Social Media Training will teach you Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how joining the discussion and being part of a community can help your site and your business to be more findable for major Search Engines like Google and Yahoo. Understand why Social Media and Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are open doors to get you closer to your audience, attract leads and more business.
Also…Learn how you can advertise your business, spending less money for a more target audience;
Figure out a Social Media Strategy appropriate for your personality and business;

Start using Social Media free tools to do market research, to track visitors on your site and to understand your audience;
Improve your blogging techniques to make your blog or site more findable for search engines

Having a WordPress website is going to allow you to have more access to your pages and easily customize and update them. You will also have a blog, where you can post news, videos and achievements of your business. This way, your site is going to be your brochure and your portfolio, when your blog is going to be your news channel, where you can showcase your services and products, educate your costumers and attract new clients.